0014 Frauhaus Vodkabsolut

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This geometric composition has its roots in the Bauhaus movement.

There was criticism concerning the apprenticeship programs offered at the school. The majority of female students at the Bauhaus specialized in weaving. However, the school did not offer apprenticeship certificates in weaving, which meant that it was impossible for women to register their trade with the Chamber of Trade. This prevented them from acquiring master’s diplomas, which placed limits on the future possibilities of their careers.

Gunta Stölzl, was born on March 5, 1897. She attended the Bauhaus, where she studied weaving and textiles. After graduating from her program, Stölzl returned to the Bauhaus to lead the weaving workshop in 1926. She became the first official female department head, and was the only female master at the school. Stölzl played a crucial role in the development of the school’s weaving workshop, as she focused on designing and weaving abstract textiles for commercial and industrial use.

With a wink, we called our design “Frauhaus”.