Luxurious rugs illuminate your floor with elegance and style

A Jackie-rug is a stylish rug. Our collections are a game-changer in your home. When you choose a luxury designer rug such as a Jackie, you choose an easy to move, easy to install, easy to wash and easy to stow away rug. Let yourself get swept away by our stunning designs, free shipping and 30-day refund policy.

Nose around in our collection, fall for your favorite Jackie, pick a size and add to your shopping card.

  • Foldable rugs

    A rug as light as air and strong as steel, easy to move and to stow away. Our rugs come like a present, carefully folded, beautifully wrapped in silk paper and slightly scented.

  • Washable rugs

    The Jackie rugs are thin and flexible, especially designed so you can wash your rug at home in your washing machine. High-end design and yet so practical.

  • Ultra-thin rugs

    Our rugs bring gorgeous texture into the mix. To top it off they are ultra-thin and lie flat on the floor without any tension.

Why a Jackie-rug?

A classical beauty, full of grace and baffling in every single way. Just like Jackie Kennedy herself. She’s an inspiration to every designer and to us. The flawless elegance and natural flair make you fall in love.

A Jackie-rug decorates the room and lights up the floor like no other. Enjoy the subtle beauty, the pop of colour and the texture a luxurious rug brings to your room. Every collection tells a different tale. Every carpet is pure craftsmanship. Invented, designed and developed in the Calcutta Design Studios.

  • Free shipping

    No matter where you’re from, a Jackie is never out of reach. Thanks to our free shipping policy.

  • 30-day refund

    We doubt you’ll need it, our rugs are fabulous. But if you decide your Jackie isn’t to your liking, you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

  • Anti-slip

    All our rugs come with an anti-slip underlay. This limits tripping hazards to a minimum and makes stepping or rolling over not only easier, but also safer.

  • Acoustic

    The rug of the future is an acoustic one. Soundproof your home by bringing something as stylish as a rug in the mix.

  • Tailor-made

    All our rugs are tailor-made. They come in different sizes, choose from our standard sizes in the webshop or request a size that fits your home.

  • Exclusive designs

    Only the most exclusive designs at Jackie and the Fish. Our designers create the most beautiful and unique designs for you to love.

Affordable rugs for everyone who adores design

A Jackie-rug is a designer rug at affordable prices. A luxurious, woven rug delivered in a box, with the same care as you would expect from a high-end purse.

Jackie and the Fish spreads love all over the world thanks to our online store.  

How to wash a Jackie Rug

A Jackie-rug at your office or in your hotel rooms?

Great choice! Our rugs light up several company’s floors and illuminate more than just a few hotels all over the world. All our rugs are designed and created in the Calcutta Design Studio in Belgium. Do you want something extra special or a tailor-made carpet to make your office or hotel stand out?

Contact us straight away and let’s talk!