JATF Catch '24-'25 Collection

The “First Catch” collection was loosely based on forms of chaos and the rearrangement of nature by Man. “Catch ‘24 - ‘25” surfs on the fluid lines, the blurred details, the traces of imperfection. 

Product wise it has a new finishing, with a signature red edging tape. 
Our rugs are washable, foldable and easy to handle. 
They come in various standard sizes and can also be made to measure on request. 
They ar e presented in a box, wrapped in silk paper together with the free underlay, as if it were a handbag. 

Because it’ s light and foldable, it’ s easier and mor e efficient to transport, especially by the modern courier services or by the consumer. Thinking out of the box results in having a lighter ecological footprint...