Since 1848

More than 174 years of history in a nutshell

It all started over 174 years ago when our factory was founded. Ever since 1848, the Calcutta mill has been weaving luxury textiles for home interiors. Today, our mill is the oldest still active weaving mill in Belgium. But don’t let that fool you. We haven’t been sitting around. A strong historical link with the rich Flemish weaving tradition and our eagerness to create better and more exclusive rugs helped us to evolve from a linen factory to what we are today: a world leader in luxury textiles for floor, wall and window decoration. Our design studio is known all over the world for its high skills in design and product development. We create statement pieces for your home. But foremost, with our young and trendy lifestyle brand “Jackie and the Fish”, we create the rug of the future.

Jackie and the Fish 

“Jackie” refers to Jackie Kennedy, the iconic First lady. She was known for her unmistakable style and flair for interior design. She knew exactly what she wanted: more functional, more family suited and more zen. It’s safe to say she is our inspiration. Our muse if you will.

There’s no doubt, that all our rugs show an exceptional elegance and subtle style as Jackie Kennedy would have preferred. A Jackie-rug is a classy one. Every rug is crafted and designed in the Calcutta design studio

The Jackie-rug in a box 

It takes a lot of out of the box thinking to create a rug in a box. But we did it! Our product developers and designers created this brand-new leading rug concept: a rug that comes like a present, wrapped in scented paper as soft as silk. A rug that is easy to handle, move, install, fold, maintain, clean and stow away.

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Green Tea Leaves

Our experience

After more than 174 years, we can look back with pride on a rich past and confidently embrace a promising future, dedicated to innovation, quality and service.

Green Tea Leaves

Our quality

Thanks to almost two centuries of experience, we offer luxurious and exclusive textiles of the highest quality. Calcutta stands for excellent quality, traditional art and craftsmanship!

Green Tea Leaves

Our future

Jackie and the Fish is one of the lifestyle brands of the textile group that launches several trendy textile concepts in fashion and interior decoration.